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Frozzzzzen Perfection

I love Italian food – and I love it even more when I get to eat it while I'm in Italy! With great pastas, meats and desserts, there is one treat that I have to have at least every afternoon I'm there – Gelato! I think my favorite Gelato place is Il Gelato Vivoli in Florence. At least once every…

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The Aftermath of the Storm

For all my Huntsville friends, it sure has been an "interesting" week since the storms rumbled through here last Wednesday.  I was in Florida on business and was watching the streaming feed from the local TV stations and texting Lori about what was going on.  Since we lost power when the first storm blew through on Wednesday morning, she was…

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Connection Magazine – Cookies with the kids

The Spring 2011 Issue of Connection Magazine mailed earlier this week.  The PDF of the magazine has not yet been posted - I will put a link here once it is posted.  In the mean time, here is a link for the "C.C.'s Kitchen Corner" page.   For additional recipes, see the Cooking with C.C. Website. The theme of the Spring…

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Chocolate Fun Facts and Trivia

Now how about some other fun facts and trivia about chocolate…. Ghirardelli (mentioned previously) was founded in San Francisco in 1852 and was the oldest family owned chocolate company in the United States.  Dominbro Ghirardelli came to California as part of the Gold Rush and decided the sure way to gold was to sell chocolate to the other miners. Ghirardelli Square is now a…

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