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Back to Basics

Sometimes, it's the basic things that can trip you up..... When I was working on the menu for the upcoming classes in Atlanta, I was asked to add Hollandaise Sauce and Poached Eggs to the Roasted Asparagus dish. Since the asparagus dish already has lemon flavor in it, seemed like a reasonable addition for a brunch class. I've always done…

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Marinara Sauce

One of the basic sauces in Italian cooking is Marinara Sauce. I've used it with lots of dishes from appetizers like Fried Cheese with Marinara to the Spaghetti and Meatballs we serve at our meatball dinners. Every cook has their own way of making it and since there aren't a lot of ingredients, many look very similar. Well, here's my…

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“Nutella” First Attempt

Around our house, Nutella could be considered on the of the four main food groups. I was first introduced to Nutella while in Europe after I graduated from college. Several of the places I stayed offered small containers of Nutella (Like the little jelly plastic containers at many breakfast restaurants). A spread of Nutella on toast for breakfast - a…

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Cookbooks for Under the Christmas Tree

If you have someone who loves cooking on your Christmas list, then consider one of the 2014 cookbooks as a present for under the tree. The fall season, leading up to Christmas, is the big time of the year for cookbook releases. This year is no exception. Any of these would make great presents under the tree. The first two…

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