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Beef Casanova for Valentines Dinner

Yes, it's that time of year again - Valentines Day is upon us. I know many folks end up making reservations for dinner for Valentines, but staying in and cooking certainly has its advantages. Valentines Day calls for a more elegant entree and I've got just the dish for you - Beef Casanova. You can't go wrong starting with a…

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Stuffed Mushrooms

I'm always looking for great appetizers to serve when I have people over for dinner.  I love stuffed mushrooms!  I've made many varieties from very simple stuffing with Italian Sausage to ones where the stuffing has a bit more going on. This recipe is a bit more involved as you have to prepare and pre-cook the stuffing for the mushrooms,…

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“Penguin” Brownies

Carly and I enjoy cooking together – Carly especially enjoys anything sweet with chocolate! We had tried a bunch of brownie recipes until we finally tried this recipe from Alice Medrich’s book.  Now, whenever we make brownies, this is now the go-to recipe. (The recipe is called “Steve Ritual Brownies” in the book, but since they go into ice water…

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Gratin Dauphinois

Potatoes, Cheese, Cream - Need I say more????? When I want to make an elegant side dish Gratin Dauphinois is one of my go-to dishes.  I've made this for classes and guests alike.  This is always gets rave reviews. The potato is not native to France, but was introduced in the 17th century.  Interestingly enough, the "potato war" in Germany…

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