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South American Wine Dinner

Paired wine dinners have become very popular over the last few years. Generally, there are two types of wine dinners that I have attended - those that feature the wines of one winery (or family of wineries) and those that focus on a particular region. I've written a number of posts on a winery focused wine dinner, but recently had…

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Knoxville and International Biscuit Festival

I had an opportunity to attend the Southern Food Writers Conference in Knoxville, TN last week (May 12-14). It is hosted as part of the International Biscuit Festival which was on Saturday May 14. It was a gathering of a few people I already knew and many more that I met as part of the conference. Of course, besides food…

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Amizetta Wine Dinner

We were invited to attend a wine dinner at the Ledges last Thursday featuring the wines of Amizetta. This is the second wine dinner this year featuring Amizetta. Spencer Clark, the founder and proprietor of Amizetta wines traveled to Huntsville to host this dinner. The previous dinner was hosted at Mason Dixon and Perry and Edward Clark came to town…

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