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How many times have you watched a cooking show on TV and said “I can make that.” After you attempt to recreate the meal, following the recipe step by step, it didn’t turn out the way you expected it to. With a small cooking class, you don’t have to worry about not being about to make the recipes. C.C. will demonstrate the techniques and recipe steps necessary to successfully impress your friends and family with you new found skills. With these classes, everyone makes the grade!

In-Home Cooking classes are great for anyone who…
• Likes to cook and wants to learn new techniques or unfamiliar ingredients
• Wants to experience some new recipes or explore an unfamiliar cuisine
• Wants to have a good time with friends without the cooking hassles
• Eats delicious food

C.C. provides the ingredients, equipment needed, recipes and instruction. He even cleans up when the class is finished.

Check the schedule for any “In C.C.’s Kitchen” classes or call to schedule an “In Your Kitchen” class.

Join C.C. in his kitchen for a variety of classes featuring a wide range of menus. C.C. will host you in his home and provide all of the food and instruction to make a great evening.

C.C. will provide the recipes for the evening, demonstrate the techniques and explain about the ingredients used in the recipes. Of course, everyone will enjoy eating the results.

This is a great opportunity to see how a class works before scheduling an “In Your Kitchen” class.

Sign up for the newsletter and like Cooking with C.C. on Facebook to be notified when classes are scheduled.

Want a great entertaining evening in your home?
Looking for a new experience for your supper club?

Here is your chance. Bring C.C. into your home for an “in Your Kitchen” cooking class. You invite your friends, coworkers or family for a great evening. C.C. will bring all of the food, equipment, recipes and know how. During the class, C.C. will demonstrate how to make all of the dishes and then everyone eats the results.

This is a great opportunity to learn about and try new recipes or cuisines. A great time with great friends and great food.

Interested in an “in Your Kitchen Class?” Here’s all you do…

Call C.C. to schedule a class and determine a menu. (See the menu section for sample menus to choose from or talk to C.C. about a custom class.)
Once the class is set, invite the other people for the class. Arrange the beverages for the class and leave the rest to C.C. C.C. will bring everything needed, cook during the class and even clean up after the class.

Call now to schedule your class.

Food is a great relationship builder. Bring your organization together for a fun evening with great food and great opportunities for conversation and team building.

C.C. has taught classes for corporations, neighborhood clubs, supper clubs and social organizations. C.C. will provide all of the food and expertise for a tasty experience.

Contact C.C. for more details about these events.

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