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2016 National Pi(e) Day

March 14th is also now known as National Pi(e) Day. So, I wanted to bring you something just a little bit different. The recipe I'm going to share is a cousin to a pie - a tart. So, what's the difference? Well, the crust is different to start - a pie generally has a flaky crust while a tart is…

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“Nutella” Second Attempt

As I established in my first post about Nutella (For the First Nutella post, click here), Nutella is classified as a food group at my house (along with bacon, but that's another story). So on our first attempt at making homemade Nutella, it came out quite tasty, but had some texture issues. After the first attempt, one of the readers…

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Cookie Love

If you've been in my house, you know that I have just a few cookbooks. But, I can ALWAYS use just a few more. I was excited to win a copy of Cookie Love by Mindy Segal in a drawing from my friends at Eat Your Books. I've been working on a few cookie recipes, so I was looking forward…

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“Nutella” First Attempt

Around our house, Nutella could be considered on the of the four main food groups. I was first introduced to Nutella while in Europe after I graduated from college. Several of the places I stayed offered small containers of Nutella (Like the little jelly plastic containers at many breakfast restaurants). A spread of Nutella on toast for breakfast - a…

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