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“Penguin” Brownies

Carly and I enjoy cooking together – Carly especially enjoys anything sweet with chocolate! We had tried a bunch of brownie recipes until we finally tried this recipe from Alice Medrich’s book.  Now, whenever we make brownies, this is now the go-to recipe. (The recipe is called “Steve Ritual Brownies” in the book, but since they go into ice water…

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Ice Cream!

Well - I've been meaning to write and post this for a VERY long time - finally got around to putting the post together.... I had an incredible experience during my trip to New York City for the International Association of Culinary Professionals conference back in April.  When I came back, the quest was on to recreate the taste and…

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Valentines Dessert Contest

About 4 years ago, we were looking for a good party/fellowship opportunity for our Sunday School class – so I borrowed an idea from a friend – have a Valentine’s Party where the men have the “opportunity” to make desserts for the ladies.  Of course, we had to turn it into a competition and thus, the “Golden Spoon Award” was…

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Peppermint Bark

Christmas is the time we get a lot of treats that for some reason, we don't make during the rest of the year. I was at a couple of events (and visiting the store) where a certain kitchen store that also sells a lot of seasonal food items was sampling their peppermint bark. I thought it was very good until…

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