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2017 Huntsville Restaurant Week

I know, I know, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted a blog entry. No excuses, it just hasn’t been at the top of the priority list.

But, Restaurant Week is always at the top of my priority list and this is the week. With everything going on last week, I confused myself on exactly the dates that restaurant week runs, but it is August 11-20 with some other special events as well. So last Tuesday, I headed out for my first HRW lunch.

I have a limited amount of money to spend going out for lunch and I set my limit at only those restaurants with a $10 lunch offer. I’ll help you out, this year there are 20 of them. Some are too far from the office, so that limits the field. I had not been to the Botanical Garden since they had redone the entry building and the cafe, so I decided to head there for lunch. When I tried to order the restaurant week special, that was when I was told that it doesn’t actually start until Friday. So, I ordered the meatloaf plate anyway.

On Friday, I had a luncheon to attend so I couldn’t start then. Friday night we headed out and started at the Wine Cellar for the Friday night tasting. This week it was an excellent tasting with one table of all French wines and one table of all Italian wines. Then the decision – what are we going to do for dinner. Well, Lori decided that she wanted to go down to Nick’s Ristorante – it’s down on Bailey Cove Road in Southeast Huntsville – near where we used to live many, many moons ago. We hadn’t been down there in quite a while. They had an interesting dinner special and we were already halfway there so we headed further South. It started with a salad, an entree of Tournedos of Beef Filet with a Rosemary Demiglace Sauce, three cheese bacon gratin potatoes and dessert of a peach-pecan bread pudding with a whiskey sauce.  All of it was very good. The dinner special was priced at $40.

Saturday, we were out running errands and Lori decided to head back to the Dallas Mill Deli as she hadn’t been there in a very, very long time. Their special includes any sandwich, pretzel salad and a drink for $10. Lori got the egg salad sandwich and said it was some of the best she’s had. I went for the roast beast sandwich. Their strawberry pretzel salad is definitely something you need to try, it is so good.

Here we are, Monday morning and now I’ve got to decide where to go this week. I’ve already set up a lunch meeting at one of the places on Wednesday and I’ll have to decide on the others. Stay tuned to the Facebook and Twitter pages to see where I end up.

For more information, check out the Huntsville Restaurant Week website.

Nick’s Salad

Nick’s Ristorante Dinner Entree Special

Nick’s Peach Pecan Bread Pudding

Lunch at Dallas Mill Deli

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