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Connection Magazine – Cookies with the kids

The Spring 2011 Issue of Connection Magazine mailed earlier this week.  The PDF of the magazine has not yet been posted – I will put a link here once it is posted.  In the mean time, here is a link for the “C.C.’s Kitchen Corner” page.   For additional recipes, see the Cooking with C.C. Website.

The theme of the Spring 2011 Issue of Connection Magazine is “Making Time for Family.”  When I think about this theme, two things come to mind – eating together and cooking together.  The recipe in the magazine is from a fantastic cookbook by Cindy Mushet and her daughter Bella – “Baking Kids Love.”  Carly has made many recipes out of this book – I highly recommend this as a great resource for getting in the kitchen with you children (even if you don’t get in the kitchen much yourself).  There is nothing better than mixing up a dough, popping it in the oven and seeing the results of your work and the smile on their face!  I have posted three additional recipes on the website – an additional favorite cookie recipe and two dinner recipes that will allow you to get a great dinner on the table quickly to enjoy a meal with the family.  Stay tuned for the next few posts about these recipes.

The “Secret Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies” recipe on Page 25 of the “Baking Kids Love” book was included in the magazine on page 13.  Let’s dive into this particular recipe.


The first step is to take the butter, eggs and vanilla in a large bowl and stir with a wooden spoon.  Once that is done, add the oil and beat the best you can – I love this note in the recipe “It will look like a mess, but that’s okay.”

Mixing the butter and more

Next, in a separate bowl, mix together the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, brown sugar, oats, salt and baking soda).

Mixing Dry Ingredients

Now add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and stir well.  Again, I love the instructions in the cookbook, “You can even use your hands to squish all the ingredients together.  Sometimes your hands are the best tools.”

Combine the wet and dry ingredients

Now for the “secret ingredient” – Cornflakes.  Put the cornflakes in a resealable plastic bag and close the top.  Using your hands break up the flakes until they are in tiny pieces.  Don’t try to shortcut this by using a food processor.

Corn flakes
Corn flakes
Smashing the Corn Flakes

Add the broken up cornflakes and the chocolate chips to the dough and mix up well.

Add chocolate chips
Dough all mixed together

You can use a small scoop (1 tablespoon) or a larger scoop (3 tablespoons) depending on the size of cookies you want.  This recipe makes a bunch of them!  When you put these on the baking sheet (I like to use parchment paper on the baking sheet), be sure to leave room for them to spread – normally I can get 12 of the small or 6 of the large cookies on one baking sheet.  Also, you want to press down on the dough balls with your palm to flatten them some (don’t have to turn them into pancakes….)  The other thing you can do is form the cookies on the baking sheet, then put the baking sheet into the freezer and freeze the dough.  I usually cook some and freeze some so we can pull them out and bake fresh later.  The dough freezes very well!

Large and small cookies ready to go into oven

Put them into a 350 degree oven for 6 minutes for small cookies, 7 minutes for large cookies.  Rotate and swap the pans (top and bottom) and cook for an additional 6-7 minutes for the small cookies or 7-8 minutes for the large cookies.  Bake until a light golden brown.

Now there are some great tasting cookies!

Let them cool and enjoy!

If you’ve never baked with the kids before, it’s a great time to sit down together at the table with a glass of milk and enjoy the results!

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