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Why did the steak get a crust? (Part 1)

If you read my last post, we went to some trouble to get a nice crust on the steak.  Why did we have to use corn starch and the freezer to get that crust?  In some of the recipes in class, we have to caramelize onions.  The challenges with caramelizing onions is a great demonstration of what happens with the browning on…

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The Great Steak Experiment!

One of my favorite magazines is "Cook's Illustrated."  This months issue has an article about "Bringing Home Argentine Grilled Steak."  What I most enjoy about this magazine is the explanation through everything they tried to get to the final recipe and method......this one sounded just crazy and bizarre enough that I had to try it. The goal is to get…

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Grill Roasting a Leg of Lamb

We were hosting a dinner group from church last night and decided to serve Roast Leg 'O Lamb.  I've grill roasted this before over a low flame.  I've roasted in the oven.  I decided to try a different method of grill roasting last night.  (Lori always loves it when I decide to "experiment" when we have guests over.) Since we…

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Shopping for sustainable seafood

I've laid out information on both wild and farmed salmon.  There are many other issues that confront healthy populations of wild salmon.  Besides the effects of farmed salmon in the vicinity of spawning grounds, farming also can create problems for the salmon.  Salmon require very specific riverbeds and water flow for spawning and the growth of the new salmon.  Sediment runoff,…

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