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Grill Roasting a Leg of Lamb

We were hosting a dinner group from church last night and decided to serve Roast Leg ‘O Lamb.  I’ve grill roasted this before over a low flame.  I’ve roasted in the oven.  I decided to try a different method of grill roasting last night.  (Lori always loves it when I decide to “experiment” when we have guests over.)

Since we would have about 10 people over, I ended up buying two small legs of just over 3 pounds each.  I trimmed to surface fat and then marinated in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, rosemary and mint.

My grill has three burners, so I turned on the left burner and adjusted to where the temperature in the grill was right at 300 degrees.  I put the legs on the right side over the burners that weren’t on.  I had a temperature probe in one of the large sections of the leg.  I wanted to cook it to about 140 degrees.

What happened was that all of the drippings during the roasting dropped onto the two off burners.  When the temperature hit 125 degrees, I turned the two burners under the lamb on medium high to get some color and crust on the meat.   I cooked 6 minutes on one side, turned it and 5 minutes on the other side.  The internal temperature was about 140 degrees when I checked throughout the meat.  I got a very nice color and some grill marks on the lamb.

We brought it in, sliced it up and every one enjoyed the dinner (it ended up taking longer than I had planned, so I had a lot of hungry people looking at me – didn’t take time to take a few photos.  I’ll have to do that next time)  – I think a couple of folks had not had lamb before….

I’ve found a new “favorite” way to gill roast this type of roasts!

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