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More Scones

More Scones The last post was all about a basic Cream Scone recipe. It is a great starting point and with sugar in the mix is a “sweeter” dough. I also love a more savory style of scone. This is another recipe that I have found works very well and it will please a crowd! Let's face it – adding…

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Cream Scones

To many folks, scones are those rock hard “pastries” you find at certain coffee shops. If you've ever had a chance to taste a “real” English scone, you know that they are nothing like these hockey pucks. In fact, in Britain, these baked goods are actually known as Rock Cakes (pretty appropriate!) The scone is the standard tea cake of…

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Gougère – The amazing cheezy puff!

One of my favorite “finger foods” to make for appetizers or parties is Gougères. The simple description is a cheese puff, but I always put ham in mine. The dough is the basic pâte àu Choux pastry dough that can be used for so many different items. This is a fairly simple dough to put together and is a technique…

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