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“Classic” Tiramisu

One of Lori's favorite desserts is Tiramisu. In fact, when we took our trip to Italy she had Tiramisu for dessert on 9 of the days we were there. (Just so know, Gelato didn't count - we got that as an afternoon snack just about EVERY day....) What we found interesting was that each one was different from the one…

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St. Patrick’s Day Steaks

Once again it's the time when everyone is Irish and green reigns supreme. But, if you are looking for an AWESOME dinner, look no further. Every holiday seems like an excuse to eat a really nice steak! This recipe is great for this time of the year when grilling can be a challenge (although this week is looking great -…

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Easy Scones

As I mentioned in last week's post, we had a group o 7th grade girls spend the weekend with us as part of the DNow program for our church's youth group. I made breakfast for the group which included Cinnamon Rolls (See last week's post for recipe) and Scones. Scones are very easy to make and only require that you…

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Cinnamon Rolls

One of my favorite class series has been the "Holiday Breakfast" series that we teach in November every year. The Cinnamon Rolls are always a big hit! I make these on a regular basis especially when I need breakfast for a number of people. These are very easy to make the night before, then pull them out and stick them…

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