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Peppermint Bark

Christmas is the time we get a lot of treats that for some reason, we don't make during the rest of the year. I was at a couple of events (and visiting the store) where a certain kitchen store that also sells a lot of seasonal food items was sampling their peppermint bark. I thought it was very good until…

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The Fall Break Fried Pie Project

One Southern specialty would be the fried pie. When we were at a Farmers Market earlier this fall, a vendor was selling baked goods and fried pies. Carly wanted to get a fried pie – it was pretty pricey and then not that good. We decided that one of our next projects would be making a fried pie at home.…

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If you missed the Marsala class a week ago, we had a great time exploring a variety of ways to cook with Marsala.  For dessert, we made zabaglione - an Italian "custard" made with Marsala and we served it over fresh berries. I did a little research on Zabaglione and everyone pretty much agrees that it was being made in…

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