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Welcome to the Cooking with C.C. Blog. I will be discussing all things food and travel related. Be sure to join me for information from recipes, cookbooks, restaurants and places to visit. I look forward to hearing from you!

Cork and Crust Revisited

It's always interesting writing up our experiences at different restaurants. After writing on our meals at several restaurants, I had a reader tell me that they did not have a great experience at one of the restaurants I had reviewed on the blog a while back. Lori wanted to go out Saturday night so we went back to Cork and Crust in Madison since I wanted to check them out again having only been there once. (See previous post here.) Carly had a friend over, so the 4 of us headed there for dinner. Lori called ahead to get a reservation. The challenge when writing about restaurants is that even the best places can have a bad day or the customer may have expectations that can't be met. When someone goes to a restaurant on my recommendation and then has a less than fabulous experience I get nervous.....I don't focus on restaurant reviews, but I do like to share about our experiences. (For more restaurant reviews, check out my friends at Huntsville Eats.) So we headed back to Cork and Crust - this time I was going to eat something other than pizza. We arrived a few minutes early and the…

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