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The Pizza.

Cork and Crust Revisited

It’s always interesting writing up our experiences at different restaurants. After writing on our meals at several restaurants, I had a reader tell me that they did not have a great experience at one of the restaurants I had reviewed on the blog a while back. Lori wanted to go out Saturday night so we went back to Cork and Crust in Madison since I wanted to check them out again having only been there once. (See previous post here.) Carly had a friend over, so the 4 of us headed there for dinner. Lori called ahead to get a reservation.

The challenge when writing about restaurants is that even the best places can have a bad day or the customer may have expectations that can’t be met. When someone goes to a restaurant on my recommendation and then has a less than fabulous experience I get nervous…..I don’t focus on restaurant reviews, but I do like to share about our experiences. (For more restaurant reviews, check out my friends at Huntsville Eats.)

So we headed back to Cork and Crust – this time I was going to eat something other than pizza. We arrived a few minutes early and the restaurant was not full when we arrived. The weather was nice enough that they had the patio open, but we chose to eat inside.

They have changed up the wine list and again have a number of excellent wines, although they aren’t the ones you see everywhere. Lori ordered a glass of Merlot. I tried a taste of a Bordeaux wine that was very, very nice, but I wanted something with a bit more body, so I ended up ordering the Malbec. Both wines were excellent and well priced.

We ordered dinner. Carly and her friend ordered the pizza, Lori had the Stuffed Pork Valdostano and I had the N.Y. Strip Steak.

I was trying to take the pictures quickly, so they aren’t that great, but here’s what we had:

The Pizza.
The Pizza.

Lori's Stuffed Pork Loin
Lori’s Stuffed Pork Loin

My N.Y. Strip Steak
My N.Y. Strip Steak

The girls loved the pizza and Carly said we need to come back because the pizza is really good. The Pork was stuffed with prosciutto and fontina cheese with mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach on the side. It had a brandy demi-glace. The sauce was wonderful. Her dish was very well executed and the taste was excellent. My steak was served with Potato Gratin and Hericot Verts (Small french green beans) with a Bordelaise Sauce. The steak was very good and cooked the way I like it. The sauce was very good as well. If there was a downside to my plate it would be that the potatoes were more like mashed potatoes than a gratin. They were excellent, just not what I expected.

The prices at Cork and Crust are very reasonable for what you get. The four of us ate with drinks for right at $80.

After revisiting Cork and Crust – I’m not sure exactly what happened on the visit I was told about, but we enjoyed our trip back this time and I would certainly go there again. I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.

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