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Back to Basics

Sometimes, it's the basic things that can trip you up..... When I was working on the menu for the upcoming classes in Atlanta, I was asked to add Hollandaise Sauce and Poached Eggs to the Roasted Asparagus dish. Since the asparagus dish already has lemon flavor in it, seemed like a reasonable addition for a brunch class. I've always done…

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2015 More Christmas Gift Ideas

As Christmas quickly approaches, you may be looking for those great presents for the food lover in your life. Here are some suggestions..... I'll start with the shameless plug - a fantastic gift would be a reservation for the 2016 California Wine Country Extravaganza. I also have Gift Certificates available for cooking classes. Let me know if you would like…

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Christmas Spice Cookies

Seems at Christmas we end up making all kinds of cookies. This is one cookie that I've had at Christmas for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my dad made these every year. We called them "Greek Christmas Cookies," but we've been making them so long, no one remembers WHY. In fact, I asked my dad where this…

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2015 Cookbooks for Under the Christmas Tree

For me, cookbooks provide information, instruction, inspiration and of course recipes. I end up buying quite a few cookbooks and added more than 20 to my collection in 2015 - and still have several others I would like to purchase. The books range from classics that I find on Ebay or in used book stores to more recent books to…

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