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2015 More Christmas Gift Ideas

As Christmas quickly approaches, you may be looking for those great presents for the food lover in your life. Here are some suggestions…..

I’ll start with the shameless plug – a fantastic gift would be a reservation for the 2016 California Wine Country Extravaganza. I also have Gift Certificates available for cooking classes. Let me know if you would like either of these.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…..

My last post listed my cookbook gift selection. I have quite a few cookbooks and I know some other people do as well. What I always wanted was an index across all of my cookbooks so when I’m looking for a recipe, I can see which books have a version for me to review. Several years ago I found this through my friends at Eat Your Books. Eat Your Books is an online service that indexes many, many cookbooks.

I use this service constantly. It makes my research on recipes so much quicker. The service costs $30 per year, about the same as a top end cookbook. It is set where you can also give a gift subscription. You can also get a free trial membership to check the service out before you purchase, but if you have any kind of cookbook collection you will find Eat Your Book invaluable.

I’m always looking for useful tools in the kitchen.

My new favorites include smaller measuring containers especially for measuring liquids. I have a small set of beakers that is great for measuring liquids. OXO makes them and they offer them in a 4 piece and 7 piece collection. I also have a 1/4 cup measurer with lines and markings for tablespoons. This is great when I need a little milk or cream.

However, the measuring beaker I can’t live without is still the Perfect Beaker. It holds 2 cups of liquid and is great for measuring “sort of” liquids like honey, peanut butter or mustard. You put in a liquid to the measure you need (Let’s say 1/2 cup) then you add the honey (For example, 1/4 cup) until the liquid rises to the amount of the two of them together (In our example, when the liquid gets to 3/4 cup). This is a huge time saver when I’m measuring a lot of ingredients.

Our wine cellar out grew our storage unit. Cuisinart had introduced a new 32 bottle storage unit, so I bought that for the overflow. (Of course it is full now too….) The unit is a good size and reasonably priced. If you are holding more wines, then this is a great item to take a look at.

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