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#1 EYB 2014 Cookbook

Top Cookbooks of 2014

There are many, many “Best of” lists that come out every year. Lists of cookbooks are no exception. My friends at “Eat Your Books” put together this “Best of 2014” list by taking 312 lists and combining them. There were a total of 2,922 books mentioned by these lists. Interestingly, there were 844 different books mentioned with 434 getting only one mention (They use each mention off the lists as a “vote” for that book). Very interesting approach to coming up with a consensus list.

The list of all of the sources is on the page with the Top 10. I appreciate EYB including my Christmas list as one of the sources for votes for the top cookbooks of 2014. Several of the books I selected were included in the Top 10.

Be sure and check out these books – for your convenience, I am including links to Amazon for the top 10. (Please note – these are Affiliate Links)











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