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I recently attended the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon.  I was very excited about this conference because many of the sessions were about seafood.  Seafood is an important part of the economy of the Northwest US (including Alaska) and Canada.  One important point I came away with this year is the importance of sustainable practices in fishing and ecology.  I’ve heard many times about sustainability, but wrote a lot of it off to environmental extremism.  I’m not sure why this time was different, but I “finally got it…”

The other amazing point I realized, or appreciated, is the complex planning that God put into the creation.  What I learned about how the different Pacific salmon interact with the environment and the intricate timing of the lifecycles (I’ll write about Salmon in another post).

We as consumers have a bigger part to play in protecting these supplies than I realized.  When we spend our dollars on well fished seafood and stay away from the types or farming practices that are harmful, we can affect the economies and future of these fish.

I will post more information about selections we should make in the grocery store or in restaurants.  We do have an impact on what happens in far away places!

Eat well!

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