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Original Public House Review

When my wife saw that a new Irish Style Restaurant was moving into the space that once housed Finnegan’s, she was looking forward to trying it out. A number of years back, we had taken a great vacation in Ireland and she really loved the pub fare. Over the years, I made many trips to Ireland on business and had the pleasure of eating at a variety of restaurant styles from Pubs to fancy restaurants.

So, Lori heard that the Original Public House had opened and the daughter had something else, she decided that we were going there for dinner.

The building certainly could use a renovation, and it has been very nicely renovated, however, the inside does not “feel” like an Irish Pub. The food made up for any expectations that we missed from our Irish Pub Visits.

I was impressed with our server as she was able to answer my questions. My first question was “What is Buttery Champ?” since I had never seen that in Ireland. She explained what it was and I then commented – “Oh, OK, so it’s a lot like Colcannon.” She jumped right in and told me sort of, but it doesn’t have cabbage in it, but they have cabbage in the back and if I wanted, they could make me Colcannon. Since I was leaning towards the Fish and Chips, mashed potatoes weren’t in the cards for me that night.

On their website, they say that a “Public House” is a casual place where guests drink and eat while hanging out with friends. I will say that their selection of adult beverages was very well thought out and had a good selection of Irish Beers and Spirits as well as many others.

We ended up getting something to drink and ordered the Fish and Chips. The Fish was battered extremely well and cooked perfectly. The fries that came with it were also very good. (Sorry, I forgot to take pictures – was too hungry……..)

While we ate at the bar, the restaurant had plenty of table seats and a large second room if they were to need it.

We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and with drinks, food, tax and tip, our bill came to right at $47.00.

The Original Public House certainly gets a “Come Back” from me!

For more information see The Original Public House Website.

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