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Fat Kahunas

Traveling in Florida on business staying in Cocoa Beach.  Headed out for dinner to one of my favorite places, but it was packed out.  I was checking reviews on Trip Advisor and was checking a couple of other places when I looked at the #1 restaurant in their list and it sounded quite interesting.  So, I decided to head there for dinner.

After finally finding a place to park, I went in the restaurant and it was a lot smaller than I was expecting.  Luckily, they had seats at the bar where I was able to sit.

Ordered the blackened fresh Mahi.  They serve with coconut rice, black beans, vegetables and huli sauce.  The dinner was absolutely fabulous. There was a large party that ordered desserts and they looked incredible. Besides a key lime pie, the special dessert was a deep fried pineapple upside down cake.  Since I’m not supposed to eat dessert, I looked, and while I REALLY wanted to try one, I didn’t.  Have to do that on another trip.

Have to visit again if I’m ever back on the Space Coast!

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