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Original Public House Review

When my wife saw that a new Irish Style Restaurant was moving into the space that once housed Finnegan's, she was looking forward to trying it out. A number of years back, we had taken a great vacation in Ireland and she really loved the pub fare. Over the years, I made many trips to Ireland on business and had…

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Frozzzzzen Perfection

I love Italian food – and I love it even more when I get to eat it while I'm in Italy! With great pastas, meats and desserts, there is one treat that I have to have at least every afternoon I'm there – Gelato! I think my favorite Gelato place is Il Gelato Vivoli in Florence. At least once every…

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Not All Chains are Created Equal…

If you know me well, you know that I much prefer a nice local restaurant over a chain any day.  There are, however, a few chains that I will seek out.  For Lori and I, the Chart House has always been one of those.  After this visit to Detroit, I’ll add another to that list – The Capital Grille.  …

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