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The “Big Daddy” of Christmas Dinners

It's that time of year again and the menu for Christmas Dinner is always one I struggle over. Should I go with the expected or do something different? Christmas is on Thursday this year and we don't have a lot of time ahead of the holiday to do much prep work. Since I always teach a class around Christmas featuring…

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What Wine to Serve with Christmas Dinner

You’ve got a great menu planned for Christmas and you’re trying to figure out what wine to serve. It can be a real challenge to try to pick wines that will go with the meal and that everyone will like. I asked Annette Burchfield of The Wine Cellar for suggestions for some wines that go well with many foods and…

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Holiday Recipe – Herb Stuffed Prime Rib

Prime Rib is one of my favorite very special holiday entrees.  To me, nothing says celebration more than the king cut of beef.  The only time we would have this growing up was for Christmas Dinner.  This recipe uses a variety of herbs to give a very nice flavor to the beef.  Please see below for step by step pictures. …

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