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Shirley’s Lemon Pound Cake

If you've ever been to one of my classes or read many of my posts, you know that one of my "Go-To" sources for information is Shirley Corriher. I have both of her books - Cookwise and Bakewise - more like textbooks really. Whenever I have a question about why something is working (or more likely - not working) I…

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The Source of All Truth

Well, when it comes to food that is..... There is nothing like a great reference book when you are working on a recipe or trying to figure out what went wrong with the "well-tested" recipe you got off the Internet. These are books I have on my bookshelf and are my "go-to" sources when I need information about a particular…

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Even More About Chocolate

Now that you have a variety of high end chocolates to taste, let’s compare some of them.  First, chocolate is best at room temperature (about 68 degrees).  As you unwrap the chocolate, look at the surface (if its grayish – that’s either sugar or fat bloom – we’ll cover that in the melting section….).  It should be nice and shiny. …

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