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The “Big Daddy” of Christmas Dinners

It's that time of year again and the menu for Christmas Dinner is always one I struggle over. Should I go with the expected or do something different? Christmas is on Thursday this year and we don't have a lot of time ahead of the holiday to do much prep work. Since I always teach a class around Christmas featuring…

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What Wine to Serve with Christmas Dinner

You’ve got a great menu planned for Christmas and you’re trying to figure out what wine to serve. It can be a real challenge to try to pick wines that will go with the meal and that everyone will like. I asked Annette Burchfield of The Wine Cellar for suggestions for some wines that go well with many foods and…

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Peppermint Bark

Christmas is the time we get a lot of treats that for some reason, we don't make during the rest of the year. I was at a couple of events (and visiting the store) where a certain kitchen store that also sells a lot of seasonal food items was sampling their peppermint bark. I thought it was very good until…

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Very Belated Holiday Post

Well - I'm way behind and just now getting to a post about my favorite Christmas cookies and the challenge with them this year..... I'm not sure of the history of these cookies - we just call them "Greek Christmas Cookies."  We've had these every Christmas I can remember.  Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without these - spice cookies with…

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