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Resource Center –¬†Stovetop Smoker

The Stovetop Smoker is a tool that you can use to easily smoke small items. I will often smoke shrimp, fish or small cuts like pork chops using this smoker. It is much easier to use than my large smoker. For example – shrimp take about 10-12 minutes to smoke in the Stovetop Smoker. It comes up to temperature much quicker than the larger smokers and cooks quicker as well when you are doing smaller amounts.

Cameron’s makes the Stovetop Smoker and they offer two packages. The first is just the smoker, the second includes some wood chips to get you started and a little cookbook to go with the smoker.

The other important part of the Stovetop Smoker are the wood “chips.” These are much smaller than typical wood used in smokers and you use a very tiny amount – about 1 Tablespoon each time you cook.

I like a lot of different wood for different foods. I love using Cherry and Apple. I also have Alder which is great for seafood and Hickory which is good for pork.

I keep a variety of types to use with the smoker.

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