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Resource Center – Ice Cream

OK – OK – I LOVE Ice Cream! I’ve had great ice creams over the years. However, when we were in New York City for the IACP Annual Conference in 2012, I had an Ice Cream Epiphany. Lori and I and several of our IACP friends went to dinner at the Meatball Shop (An aside – if you are in New York – find one and eat there!). Dessert is Ice Cream. I ordered the Caramel Ice Cream and my goodness – I had NEVER had anything quite like that. I came home stoked about Ice Cream. I went and bought just about every book I could find on Ice Cream, tried lots of different recipes and fell in LOVE with Jeni’s Ice Cream recipes. Lucky for me, they had opened a shop in Nashville and on our next trip I went there…..twice in one day.

So, on this reference page, I’m going to list some of the best Ice Cream books I found plus some Ice Cream Making equipment. I hope you find this useful and enjoy your Ice Cream as much as I have mine!

If you couldn’t tell from my description – I have to start with Jeni’s Ice Cream books. She has written two of them and I own them both. I really love her explanation about what she uses in the recipes. She doesn’t do an egg based custard, but replaced the eggs with cream cheese. Try them or head to one of their ice cream shops – you won’t be disappointed.

Of all of the Ice Cream books I bought – besides Jeni’s these were the two best of the rest. Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones was written by the folks at BiRite Creamery in San Francisco. The Perfect Scoop is written by David Lebovitz. David has written on a number of topics as well.

Now that you have a collection of recipes, you need the equipment to make ice cream. There are several types of ice cream freezers on the market – I’m not going to include the old fashioned ones that use the ice and rock salt – we are going to focus on those that we can use in the kitchen any time of year.

The most common of these have a chamber that you freeze for at least 24 hours before using. You pour in the custard and turn on the motor and before long you have ice cream.

The other kind has a compressor and does not have any parts that have to be frozen ahead of time. This also adds to the cost of the ice cream freezer. The two brands I am familiar with are Cuisinart and Breville. (Full disclosure – I own an older Cuisinart model.) The Breville has more features and options and costs a little more than the Cuisinart.

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