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Step by Step Italian: Recipes from CC’s Cooking Classes

If you want to learn to cook Italian as it is taught in a professional culinary class, now you can! Step by Step Italian: Recipes from CC’s Cooking Classes is a personal guide to cooking Italian dishes in your own home. This cookbook has the same recipes CC Fridlin has been teaching in his cooking classes for more than 15 years. In this book he presents recipes from all over Italy – many classics, some with a unique twist and some less recognized, but all exceptional crowd pleasers.

This cookbook was written to replicate the experience C.C. creates when teaching home chefs how to cook Italian. The recipes are written with enough detail that even a beginner in the kitchen can successfully create the dishes. There are step-by-step instructions, detailed photography and tips and techniques to help you build your culinary skills. Scattered throughout you’ll find “Food Geek Notes” that provide extra insight to help you along the way – like how to keep your silky custard sauce from looking like scrambled eggs or why vodka is necessary to pull out certain flavor profiles in sauce.

C.C. makes it easy and fun to create Italian culinary masterpieces but, more than that, he explains the “whys” and “hows” behind the ingredients used in Italian cooking. Pulling from his travels to Italy and experience as a cooking instructor, he has brought his favorite dishes together in one place. From making fresh pasta from scratch, to creating pesto and tomato sauces, to plating the perfect caprese salad appetizer, this cookbook has something for everyone. You can explore Italian cuisine with confidence and create delicious food to enjoy with your family and friends.

Each recipe features photographs by nationally renowned photographer Sarah Bélanger.

To order your copy of the book, use the link on the left. Price for the book is $20.00 which includes all taxes and shipping as appropriate.

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