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2015 Champagne Tasting

Tuesday night was the annual Grower Champagne Tasting at The Wine Celllar. The line up this year included a number of champagnes along with some other sparkling wines from other parts of the Europe. In order for a sparkling wine to be Champagne, it has grown and made in the Champagne region of France (Around Reims) using the Méthode Champenoise. This…

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Amizetta Wine Dinner

We were invited to attend a wine dinner at the Ledges last Thursday featuring the wines of Amizetta. This is the second wine dinner this year featuring Amizetta. Spencer Clark, the founder and proprietor of Amizetta wines traveled to Huntsville to host this dinner. The previous dinner was hosted at Mason Dixon and Perry and Edward Clark came to town…

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The best way to learn more about wine

Aristotle said that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." This statement holds true when we combine different flavors and dishes. It also applies to pairing wines with food. It's not just the flavors that create the synergy, but also other aspects of the pairing. An acidic chenin blanc with certain fish, a big cabernet with a…

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Georgetown Tour – Part 1

The IACP 2015 Annual Conference was held in Washington, D.C. this year. There are always optional city tours on the first day of the conference and out of all of the options, I chose the Georgetown Tour. We visited 4 different places in Georgetown as part of the tour. This is the first year that Lori went with me on…

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