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Welcome to the Cooking with C.C. Blog. I will be discussing all things food and travel related. Be sure to join me for information from recipes, cookbooks, restaurants and places to visit. I look forward to hearing from you!

The Frustrated Gardener

I've wanted to have a garden for quite a while, but the layout of our yard didn't really have a place to put one.  Earlier this summer, we decided to take a small area that is walled on three sides between the garage and side of the house and turn it into a garden.  We put a block barrier across the area, tilled it up and added soil.  Then, off to the store to buy some plants. Earlier, I had started some herbs from seed in large pot containers.  I took the pack of basil seed and kind of ignored the directions and put the entire pack in a large pot.  A full pot of basil popped up - along with thyme and oregano in another pot.  They were replanted into the garden (Yes, for the big pot of basil, I dug a wide hole and stuck the whole thing in there - that's why it looks like a Basil bush....) As far as watering, there were two sprinkler heads in the corners for the grass that was there at one time and the condensation from the airconditioning unit drains next to the chimney. While at Lowe's, Home Depot and…

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Lori’s Favorite Italian Dessert – Tiramisu

When I was planning my Italian Classics Class, I had to include Tiramisu as the dessert.  It is Lori's favorite Italian dessert.  When we were in Italy, Lori ate Tiramisu 8 times in the two weeks we were there. Since it needs to sit, I made the dessert for tonight's class this morning.  It is a fairly simple recipe, but finding the ladyfinger cookies can be a challenge.  I checked with the European Market on South Parkway in Huntsville and they had one of the three brands I was looking for, imported from Italy!  With the cookie problem solved, it was off to make the dessert. First, mixed together the egg yolks, sugar and salt.  Then added dark rum and the mascapone cheese and mixed until smooth.  Moved the egg mixture to a big bowl and whipped cream in the mixer.  Folded the whipped cream into the egg/cheese mixture. Mixed some coffee with espresso powder (you don't want to drink this mixture...) and rum and now it's time to dip.  Dipped the ladyfingers in the coffee and arranged in the dish for the bottom layer. Topped with 1/2 of the filling and dusted with cocoa powder.  Repeat the same steps…

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Finding Recipes….So Many Cookbooks – where was that one!?!?

This is a sample screen shot from the help section showing how to add a cookbook to your bookshelf    I've been working to organize all of the recipes that I have - finally came up with a solution for magazine, classes, etc. (we'll save that for the next post...).  The problem I couldn't really figure out was what to do with all of the cookbooks I have.  Having to look in the index of book after book to try to find specific recipes is very tedious and I often didn't find what I was looking for.  I needed a way to index across all of my cookbooks!     While in Portland this year for the IACP conference, I met Jane Kelly at the Expo who was displaying a new web based service to solve the cookbook problem.  Jane is a co-founder of - a site that allows you to create a bookshelf with all of your cookbooks and then be able to search across all of your books by creating an index of all of the recipes.  I've been using this service since May - it took a good bit of time to enter all my books ... They've since…

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