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Saturday January 24, 2014 at 6:00PM

Well, the weather has been all over the place, but this time of the year is always colder than I would prefer. January is a great time to visit the islands – even if we can only enjoy the food! Plan on joining me for an Island Luau Celebration on Saturday January 24th where tropical dishes await as we make a Culinary Trip to Hawaii.

The centerpiece of any Luau is the roasted pig – now we won’t be roasting a whole pig, but we will cook two different pork dishes to delight our taste buds.

The first dish is Huli Huli Pork – Huli Huli literally means to flip over and over. We will stovetop grill these marinated pork chops. The second dish is Tropical Pork Tenderloin. With this dish, we will marinate Pork Tenderloin and then roast it in the oven. While we will be doing both of these inside, they could easily be cooked on a grill.

Our side dish is Island Rice Pilaf. We will make the pilaf with a number of tropical ingredients including pineapple, mango and coconut milk. This goes oh so well with the pork.

For dessert, we will have a Pineapple Macadamia Nut Upside Down Cake. When I was developing this recipe, it took a number of tries to get it “just right.” There is no better way to cap off a tropical dinner like this!

Come with me on January 24th for a taste of the tropics.

Huli Huli Pork
Tropical Pork Tenderloin
Island Rice Pilaf
Pineapple Macadamia Nut Upside Down Cake

Tuition for this class is $50 per person. You can reserve by emailing C.C. or use the registration form. I look forward to seeing you on our culinary visit to the Islands.

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