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Saturday January 19, 2019 at 6:00PM

Wanting to learn about Indian Cookery, then you won’t want to miss this class. Join me on Saturday January 19th at 6:00PM as we invite Nandita Godbole in to teach this class. Nandita is a food writer, cookbook author and culinary instructor specializing in Indian cooking. A native of Mumbai (Bombay), Nandita is now based on Atlanta. Her best selling cookbook, “Crack the Code: Cook Any Indian Meal with Confidence.” Her next book, “Roti: Easy Indian Breads and Sides” will be available in February. She has a number of other titles she has written as well.

For this class, Nandita is going to teach us an Indian dinner with a number of popular favorite dishes. We will start with a Potato Salad with Ginger and Mustard. This is a quick side of red potatoes with ginger, mustard seeds and spices, served in a yogurt sauce.

Next we will make Palak / Saag Paneer. This is a popular favorite that includes greens cooked with a freshly made paneer. Next is Cumin Scented Rice Pilaf with Mint and Peas. This is a fragrant basmati rice cooked in ghee and seasoned with cumin, mint, ginger and other spices.

For dessert, we will enjoy Cardamom and Pineapple Shrikhand with Ginger. This is a luscious creamy dessert of Greek yogurt with pineapple and the delicate flavors of cardamom and ginger.

You won’t want to miss out on Nandita’s first trip to Huntsville for this class!

Potato Salad with Ginger and Mustard
Palak / Saag Paneer
Cumin Scented Rice Pilaf with Mint and Peas
Cardamom and Pineapple Shrikhand with Ginger

Tuition for this special class will be $75 per person. To reserve your space, purchase your ticket here.

Nandita will have books available for purchase at the class.

Nandita Godbole:

A native of India, Nandita is an indie author whose true passions remain embedded in her cultural and culinary traditions. To showcase the dynamic Indian culture and cuisine, she launched Curry Cravings and published her first cookbook “A Dozen Ways to Celebrate” in 2013. Her bestseller, “Crack the Code: Cook any Indian Meal with Confidence” was published in 2016. Her work gives tangible form to a tapestry of culinary knowledge and oral histories. Her next book will be released in February of 2019.


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