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Sunday December 7, 2014 at 2:00PM

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas season upon us, it’s time for all of those holiday goodies! We’ll be making a variety of recipes that your family, friends or coworkers would love to snack on…..

If you didn’t get enough Pumpkin Pie during Thanksgiving – that is not a problem. We are going to make Frosted Pumpkin Bars. This combines a pumpkin baked base with a cream cheese frosting. This is an easy recipe and makes a full sheet pan, so you have plenty to take to parties or to the office. Everyone always loves these Pumpkin Bars. We will also make Pecan Tartlettes – basically these are little bite size pecan pies we will make in a mini muffin pan. This recipe is also great for parties as it makes quite a few!

We are going to make Toffee as well. Toffee is one of my favorite candies – whether it has chocolate or nuts or whatever way you like it. We will show you how to make the toffee and then you can take it from there however you prefer it.

Of course we have to make some cookies! I mean, what would Christmas be without cookies! One recipe I will demonstrate is the classic Gingerbread cookie. This is a cookie we make into a dough, roll out and then cut into shapes. I just might have a gingerbread man cookie cutter for this one!


Frosted Pumpkin Bars
Pecan Tartlettes
Butter Toffee
Gingerbread Cookies

Tuition for this class is $40 per person. You can reserve by emailing C.C. or use the registration form. (Tuition can now be paid online at the Cooking with C.C. Store.)

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