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Saturday January 30, 2016 at 6:00PM


The College National Champion has been crowned with Alabama once again coming out on top. The NFL is not far behind with the Super Bowl coming up on February 7th. We are going to celebrate with some Super Party Foods in time for the big game.

We will start with Smoked Shrimp with a Smoked Portuguese Aioli. Next up will be something that is – I don’t know – almost healthy…. We’ll make a Greek Garlic Dip called Skordalia and serve it with Pita chips. Always a party favorite are meatballs and we will make a classic Swedish Meatball recipe.

Our next two recipes are staples of any super party! We’ll make a queso using the slow cooker and follow that with Easy Wings.

We definitely want to have something a little sweet, so we’ll make a bite sized dessert – Pecan Tartlettes.

I’m getting hungry just typing about this and can’t wait for the big game! Be sure and join me for this party food class.

The menu is:
Skordalia with Pita Chips
Swedish Meatballs
Easy Wings
Pecan Tartlettes

Don’t miss this class on Saturday January 30th at 6:00PM. Tuition for the class will be $50 per person. I look forward to seeing you for this Super Party!.

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