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Very Belated Holiday Post

Well - I'm way behind and just now getting to a post about my favorite Christmas cookies and the challenge with them this year..... I'm not sure of the history of these cookies - we just call them "Greek Christmas Cookies."  We've had these every Christmas I can remember.  Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without these - spice cookies with…

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Holiday Recipe – Herb Stuffed Prime Rib

Prime Rib is one of my favorite very special holiday entrees.  To me, nothing says celebration more than the king cut of beef.  The only time we would have this growing up was for Christmas Dinner.  This recipe uses a variety of herbs to give a very nice flavor to the beef.  Please see below for step by step pictures. …

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The Frustrated Gardener

I've wanted to have a garden for quite a while, but the layout of our yard didn't really have a place to put one.  Earlier this summer, we decided to take a small area that is walled on three sides between the garage and side of the house and turn it into a garden.  We put a block barrier across…

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